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 Conseil du printemps 2013 -BC

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Pour ceux qui ne sont pas sur Facebook, que j'admire bcp pour leur décision, j'ai pensé vous tenir au courant au sujet de la planification du Rainbow BC 2013.

Je ne participe pas au conseil de cette famille, mais un frère a des NEWS qu'il affiche sur FB. Alors je copie - paste:

* Si l'information n'est pas exacte, dites-le ici, PAS sur FB!!!

* Yo beautiful Rainbow family of BC, this info comes from a brother to a brother, from a brother, so if it is incorrect let us know! Just sign up and tell us more.

Peace, love and light.

"2013 BC spring council notes--

No one wanted to take notes.... so I did some sorry it took me a bit to post em...
There were many good discussions and magical moments as familly stopped in over the week. (We had a week long council because at the previouse two costal bc councils we chose not to set the next council date just generally and a longer council is what was called for Smile

We set up a nice kitchen and fire..... yummy!

There was more formal council circle twice during the week and many less formal circles and disscusions around the fire and consulting maps. Several people called in on the phone too.

Here's me notes Smile

Generaly it was agreed to consider potential sites or regions from across the, BC/Yukon. However so far no one has comunicated intentions to scout north of Willaims lake weather east or west into mountains rivers and the coast the scouting missions proposed have been south of here. As well futher north is seen as too far by some local familly, others would like to have good northenr lights. Hahaha there are so many perspectives! Councils and Rainbow gatherings are so good for connecting with so many people.
-There were lots of hugs the whole week, some nice sun most of the week which was well enjoyed!

-There were many animal visits.... While we counceled there was a deer crossed the river and walked up to us while for what seemed hours there was a rainbow/ SunDog around the sun and trhough this circle of light a pair of fallcons made figure eights and calls Smile mmm was lovely sitting around the fire.

-Word out to international and local Familly for; assistace connecting in/communications with caravans, boats/barges, horse n veggie oil connections..
Focalising/Preparing; Kitchen materials n water system, Kid village, Calm/first aid and supplies, Scouting, Gardening/seed orbs, Seed camp, Fund raising, Flyers
Focalising- Help coordinate efforts; on line, on the phone or on the ground.... Lots of things to be done preparing and at the gathering. See or think of something you want to help with??

Kitchen- our BC kitchens are not in great order... on the coast we have decent supplies but not great for 100-200 people, but no huge pots and just one good grill. Kootney kitchen... it exists I hear.. lol small though. Peeps are working to get it together more supplies are needed for main kitchen... If you find something or have something we have storage for the kitchen at Aaron Moens near vancouver. Keep your eyes out for commercial kitchens closing down ect...

-Kitchen Wish list; water pipping and filters, 2-4 Large grills 2'-6' x 2'-6'...feet, 4 or more large pots 50-75L/25gal, a kitchen trailer, Large and medium tarps, industruial tarps 20'-40' we have a connection for a discount on industrial tarps in van, 20 shovels and maddocks, wrakes, wheel barrels, washing stations, metal and wood stuff... large wooden spoons, ladles, food grade buckets, +++

Kiddie village-....
Calm/First aid- Wish list/needs 10 em kits, natural hand sanitizer, streacher, 4x4 emrg vehical, natural electrolites +++

Scouting- More help always welcome esp funds and vehicals or bush savey people... There are some crews scouting already. More missions planned for May. I'm focalizing so get in touch if you want to help or have some connections... reconnect if you have already.
Gardening- There are at least 2 gardens open to help and focusing on growing for the gathering. Purple Mike on hornby and Aaron Moen in Langley both have plots and welcome helpers/campers!

Fund raising- Many agree a account for donations would be helpfull for getting together Kitchen supplies, scouting and seed funds then into magic hat. No one really wants to do it, but there was argeement it should be set up.

Seed camp- Though some people suggest seed camp start more than two weeks early not many people have commited to seed camp before the new moon 6th. Ongoing comunication and coordination as well as familly coming in to seed will get er done. A focused kitchen arrival and set up/ seed crew is sweet!

Flyers- We drew up some desings and wording for flyers, one to put out now for brining in energies and connecting familly, and another for later more focused on the gathering. Jade was working on some ofthese efforts.

ie Rainbow familly of living light invites all beings to gather in peace love and gratitude for the 2013 world rainbow gathering of the tribes.

-Regions being offered/ to consider, scouted and with local and some indigenous connections.
-Yukon, Red Hills
-Sunshine coast
- Ashcroft
Yukon- No scouting trips planned, red hills look amazing

Chilcoten- Some potential sites to scout. Mountain/meadow sites w rivers and lakes, local rainbows offering to host scouts and some tribal connections to explore.

Kootney- Some potential sites to scout. Mountain/meadow sites w rivers and lakes, local rainbows offering to host scouts and help scout. Tribal connections offering their blessing for us to gather so long as there is a strong seed and proper clean up. Potential for local support and rinvigorating the koots familly. It has been 4 years since the last kootney regional.

Some concerns around population density and lots of recreational drug(ie party pills ect..) use in the area plus local party's such as Shambala(10000people) which has a lot of drugs usded and the potential spill over or affect this could have on the gathering positive or negative if its in such a region. Some people dismissed this concern which to me is alarming. Other solutions are for strong and steady welcome home with rap 101 as well as discouraging "hard drugs/party pills" within the gathering.

Sunshine coast- Some indigonous and local support, one potential site propesed near squamish but is likley to close to the city.

Ashcroft- After a somewaht disasterous gathering here the last whloe bc gathering nearly a decade ago.... Local native tribes came to our cirle and invited us to gather on their land on the river. Has never been followed up.

Islands- There are several potential sites on Vancouver island and by far the most local familly support in BC.
Most concure it would be harded and more expensive for international familly to make it to an island gathering. Others say it doesn't matter cause they are already traveling around the world ect...

2 sites offered, one montain lakes, the other on the ocean white sand beaches and old growth forests, rivers and lakes. Probably the most spectacular potential site the oly real costal option proposed. We saw many animal shaped in the sat images of the area. Weather is more likley to be wet than an interior site.

Some hot toppics around scouting were and are site access especially after last years gathering had a hard trail.

Many people want a traditional hard to get to gathering with a large distance to cities and a solid hike in to help with the spirit of the gathering and help keep drugs and alchohal away.

Others want it closer to populated areas and a eaisier hike so the gathering is more accesible esp to familly's and elders.

Obviously there needs to be a balance and part of that is a coordinated seed screw and welcome home- to make trails "wheel barrel accesible" and to help familly's and elders or any who need to get in and out. Possibly 4x4 or boat shuttles.

We discused the importance of wilderness/wildlife saftey information and encouraging people to hike in groups as all the areas are wild with bears cougars and wolfs +++

There was lots of talk around streangthening BC rainbow connections and farm and delivery connections.

Sending out invites to various culturs and traditions arcoss bc.

We discussed having our next council late may or early june to allow time for scouting and hopefully be ready to chose a site. There is a invitation to follow up to have council in cherry ville, and there will need to be scouting meetings/missions.
Though there are many other things to bring together so may need to council sonner if we can't coordinate online ect..."
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Conseil du printemps 2013 -BC
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